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Donnerstag, 25.02.2021
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Lucknow Smart City along with Lucknow police commissionerate will install panic buttons at several intersections in the city for the assistance of people in case of any emergency.

Areas to be covered in the first phase include Gomtinagar, Indiranagar, Alambagh and Hazratganj. Such buttons will also be installed near pink toilets being constructed under Safe City Mission. The project has already been implemented in Agra and Delhi.

The panic buttons will be installed on poles of traffic lights and will be connected to the smart city command and control centre. A person in need like accident or sudden health emergency can press the button to reach out to the command centre, which, in turn, will provide immediate help.

Artificial intelligence cameras will also be installed to capture the image of persons in need of help. After capturing the image, the command centre would alert the nearest police station for rapid action.

Lucknow Smart City CEO Ajay Dwivedi said, “The panic button will be beneficial for citizens in the case of an emergency like accident, health issues, theft, crime and traffic jam. It will also play a crucial role in ensuring women’s safety.”


Quelle/Source: The Times of India, 23.01.2021

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