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Donnerstag, 25.02.2021
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Several parts of Shimla town were without electricity for 24 to 60 hours after the record snowfall of 57cm on February 4. The residents of the capital city were anguished and said that it seems that we are living in the ancient age with no light and water. The government is making tall claims of Smart City project but Shimla was nothing less than a remote village after snowfall. “Is this the smart city the government is talking about”, commented a retired bureaucrat.

Results matter, not the means!

Not holding the Zila Parishad polls on party symbols has its own advantage. It conveniently helps parties to poach opponents if a party doesn’t have the right numbers to elect its chairman and vice-chairman. A large number of BJP rebels won this year but none faced disciplinary action for contesting against the official candidates. Conveniently, quite a few were elected to lead the zila parishads much to the chagrin of the official candidates. Only results matter, not the means it seems for the politicians, never mind if it means politicising even the grassroot institutes to the hilt.

Varsity in a fix over milk order

A recommendation from the Chief Minister’s office had officials in Kangra in a quandary this week. A former scribe from Palampur had written to the Chief Minister that since he was not getting pure milk from vendors, he may direct the Palampur Agriculture University to supply him pure 2.5 litre milk daily from dairy farm of university at his doorsteps. He offered to pay in cash for the milk to the university. The request of scribe was sent by the CM office to the officials in Kangra for further action. Now the officials are in tizzy how to get the request executed.


Quelle/Source: The Tribune, 08.02.2021

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