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Roads, drainage, drinking water and cattle menace are still the main issues for residents of Vadodara, which is touted to be one of the ‘smart’ cities.

Based on a survey sampling nearly 95,000 residents across 19 wards, city-based youth platform has come with ‘Yuva Ka Manifesto’ describing aspirations of the youngsters and their expectation from political leadership.

“The aim was to find out the grievances and problems faced by citizens and find sustainable solutions for the same. The survey revealed what citizens want instead of political leaders speculating as to what they might want,” said Kunal Sharma, founder president of Chhatra Sansad which has collected over 1,000 testimonial videos of people voicing their grievances.

“At its heart, this manifesto aims to bring closer together our leaders and citizens so that together, we can ensure that Vadodara becomes a model city that other cities in our country can look up to,” said Aditya Vegda, senior vice-president of the run organization.

The survey revealed that lack of proper roads and the substandard quality of the existing ones is a major grievance of Barodians. Majority have also complained of poor planning while constructing roads which are dug up just to install new drainage or sewage systems or repair the older ones after which such roads are not properly re-built resulting in further deterioration.

Citizens have also complained against casual and nonchalant manner with which VMC handles repairing of roads,especially during monsoon, when potholes cause massive traffic jams across all major intersections and commercial areas in the city.

Poor condition of service roads surrounding the under-construction flyover between Genda circle to Manisha chowkdi has resulted in severe inconvenience to Baroda as traffic comes to a standstill on this busy stretch during the peak hours.

The fact that Barodians, especially those staying in low-lying areas, turn vulnerable during monsoon is also established in this survey.

“Waterlogging is also causing damage to roads, motor vehicles, homes and houses apart from critical infrastructure like electricity and much more,” the survey states.

Residents of areas like Bhayli, Kalali, Atladara among others want the civic body to lay a proper drainage network.

“Almost every citizen, we surveyed demanded that water supply should be improved and supply increased so that they don’t have to drill borewells to supplement their water supply,” the survey report states.


Autor(en)/Author(s): Prashant Rupera

Quelle/Source: The Times of India, 16.02.2021

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