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Donnerstag, 15.04.2021
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The Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) and Chandigarh Smart City Ltd (CSCL) signed a MoU here today to work closely with in the area of energy, green building, water and sustainability.

KK Yadav, MC Commissioner and CEO of the CSCL, signed the MoU with the CII. Commenting on the MoU, Yadav said: “We hope to work closely with the CII’s Centres of Excellence (CoEs) in the area of energy, green building, water and sustainability”.

Dr SPS Grewal, chairman, CII, Chandigarh, said the CII would extend support of its Centres of Excellence (CoEs) for Smart City projects in Chandigarh. The CII, in partnership with the CSCL, would create industry engagement platform for diverse areas under Smart cities such as IT, transportation & mobility, waste management, water management and urban planning. In addition, the CII would work towards leveraging external expertise of its partners towards this project, including international industry bodies, institutions and subject experts.

Manish Gupta, vice-chairman, CII, Chandigarh; Dev Jyoti, Director & Head, CII, Chandigarh; and NP Sharma, Chief General Manager, Chandigarh Smart City Ltd, were also present.


Quelle/Source: The Tribune, 26.02.2021

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