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Donnerstag, 15.04.2021
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Hyderabad-based startup, Maithri Aquatech said it has set up the “World’s First Mobile Water from Air Kiosk and Water Knowledge Centre” in the smart city, Visakhapatnam.

The kiosk will provide clean, mineral-enriched potable water from the air by making use of Maithri Aquatech’s Meghdoot solution as a source to generate water with no dependency on groundwater as well as surface water resources.

The kiosk will also function as a Water Knowledge Resource Centre (WRKC) by creating awareness and giving necessary information to the public on the benefits of good water, sanitation and hygiene practices.

Maithri Aquatech is looking forward to expanding this project across multiple locations in Visakhapatnam and also other smart cities in the near future.

This initiative is supported by Greater Visakhapatnam Municipal Corporation (GVMC) and project SEWAH (Sustainable Enterprises for Water and Health).


Quelle/Source: Janam TV, 24.03.2021

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