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Montag, 20.09.2021
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The finished projects were worth ₹ 277.50 crore

With the Erode Corporation completing 16 works under the Smart City Mission so far at ₹ 277.50 crore, District Collector H. Krishnanunni inspected other works being carried out at ₹ 205.09 crore here on Monday.

The Corporation was selected in Phase IV of the Smart Cities Mission by the Ministry of Urban Development in 2018 and 42 projects worth ₹ 933 crore were proposed for implementation over a period of time. So far, 16 projects worth ₹ 277.50 crores were completed while 10 projects worth ₹ 537.63 crore were being executed. Work is yet to begin for another nine projects worth ₹ 117.87 crore.

Textile hub

Mr. Krishnanunni along with Corporation Commissioner M. Elangovan and officials inspected the construction of modernised textile hub on the E.K.M. Abdul Gani Textile Market premises at Panneerselvam Park at ₹ 54.09 crore.

The hub would have 220 shops with a ground floor and three floors, all at a total build up area of 24,673 sq m. Engineers explained the status of the work that was nearing completion.

Later, he inspected the Underground Sewerage Scheme (UGSS) works being carried out at ₹ 94 crore at Manikoondu and Panneerselvam Park. He visited the micro-composing yard at Vendipalayam and the bio-mining process being executed at ₹ 42 crore.

The processed municipal solid waste is converted as fertilizers and is distributed to farmers. The Collector also inspected the sewage water treatment plant at Vendipalayam.

Assistant Commissioner Shanmugavadivu, Monitoring Engineer (UGSS) Venkatesh, Executive Engineers Vijaykumar, Suresh, Ramasamy and other officials were present.


Quelle/Source: The Hindu, 28.06.2021

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