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Montag, 20.09.2021
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The union Government approved development works valuing Rs 1,000 crore under the Smart City Mission. In terms of funding, the union Government will put in 50 percent share, while the State Government and the Aurangabad Municipal Corporation (AMC) will have to invest 25 pc share (each). Accordingly, the cash-strapped AMC has to put in Rs 250 crore, but due to poor financial condition, it has decided to invest a share of Rs 100 crore by March 2022, confirmed the municipal commissioner A K Pandey.

The Smart City Mission was launched in the city in 2015. Under the mission, the union Government and the State Government released an aid of Rs 430 crore, so far. However, the union Government has clarified that it will further release an aid of Rs 320 crore only if the AMC puts its share in the project.

Earlier, the AMC has made a provision of Rs 50 crore as its share in Smart City Mission in its annual budget. For the past many months, the accounts section was planning the expenditure wisely. Accordingly, the AMC will be releasing Rs 70 crore to Smart City in July, and the remaining Rs 30 crore will be given by March 2022. After deposition of a share of Rs 100 crore, we are hoping to receive a further installment of funds from the union and the State Governments, said Pandey.

Estimate of projects proposed under Smart City Mission:

  • Smart City Buses - Rs 236 crore
  • Wildlife Safari Park - Rs 240 cr
  • Master System Integrator - Rs 178.73 cr
  • E-Governance - Rs 38 cr
  • Street for Peoples Challenge - Rs 8 cr
  • Command Control Centre - Rs 8 cr
  • Light House - Rs 6.50 cr
  • Conservation of Heritage Gates - Rs 4 cr
  • Bicycle track - Rs 3 cr
  • Digital Displays - Rs 0.75 cr
  • (Love Aurangabad, Love City of Gates)
  • Sant Eknath Rangmandir - Rs 0.73 cr
  • Bus Way at Railway Station - Rs 0.65 cr
  • Rooftop Solar - Rs 0.57 cr
  • Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Museum - Rs 0.35 cr and
  • Shahgunj Clock Tower - Rs 0.29 cr.


Quelle/Source: Lokmat, 30.06.2021

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