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Montag, 20.09.2021
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dentsu international Media Brands COO Haresh Nayak & Indeed Smart City VP & Smart City specialist Ajay Singh share how agency capabilities are being added on to for a robust business model

As the Indian Smart Cities Mission entered its sixth-year last month, dentsu India announced the launch of ‘Indeed Smart City’ in the country under its CSR advisory & implementation arm - Indeed. The purpose of the initiative -- led by dentsu international, Media Brands COO Haresh Nayak along with Indeed Smart City VP & Smart City specialist Ajay Singh -- is to support India’s aspirations for economic modernisation by contributing to area-based development, information & communications technology, and other facets of overall smart city development. The duo recently chatted with exchange4media about the initiative and its goals elaborating how it seamlessly integrates the existing dentsu India skills into a new mission.

Speaking about the fulcrum of the initiative, Nayak shared, “To give an overview, it is the extension of our four lines of expertise at dentsu -- creativity, out-of-home intelligence, digital powers, and our focus on integrating modern technology in marketing solutions. We aim to champion the three spaces that indicate the prowess of a progressing country, i.e, smart infrastructure and creative & integrated communications solutions.”

The initiative has been designed as a result of a thorough 24-28 months of research across various facets of smart city projects and how better results can be achieved by integrating communication, action, and forward-thinking.

Singh elaborated, “We now have the tech & domain expertise to execute large projects for a safer, greener, faster, and friendlier development of multiple facets across domains such as Smart Infrastructure under the area-based development initiative of the smart city mission. The initiative will also focus on information & communications technology from integrated command and control centres to safety and surveillance, video analytics, city collaboration platforms, smart poles, city wi-fi solutions and more.”

The services will span across all areas, right from governance to mobility, to creating robust healthcare, education, and waste disposal systems, along with media and ad support. It means they will be competing with established private and public enterprises who have been active in such projects for years if not decades now. So, how will an agency fit in and stand out amongst the crowd?

To this, Nayak replied, “We realise that everyone else active in the space has their own niches and we are trying to develop our own too. We are really confident of the team that we have developed, under the aegis of Ajay. On top of that, we have run extensive research before launching the program and the sort of data points we have identified and have domain expertise on are unique to us. The existing technical infrastructure and building capacities we have are going to support in our journey.”

The initiative has a lean team of 18-30 people right now, spread across Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad, and Bangalore. However, the top executives have been added from large experienced backgrounds, who have worked in the infrastructure, communications, and planning spaces.

Singh highlighted, “We have a great team here, people with large and wide experience. Personally, I have worked with several major clients in the water sector, sewage sector, and power sector, to name a few, for over 17 years. The sort of international and national exposure I have to smart cities, along with the experience, would surely enable us to deliver exceptional results.”

Nayak rounded off the discussion by adding, “When we started this project, we had spent more than 2 years to process and plan what we wanted to achieve and we are rather proud of what we have created. Obviously, it will take us 8-10 months to get in the groove but we have already acquired some projects and will soon start working on them. I am expecting us to become profitable soon after.”


Autor(en)/Author(s): Mansi Sharma

Quelle/Source: Exchange 4 Media, 13.07.2021

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