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Montag, 27.09.2021
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Locals in Agra seem unhappy with the slow pace and lackadaisical attitude of the municipal corporation and district administration towards the Smart City project, aimed at redevelopment of Agra.

The Rs 1,000 crore 'Smart City' project in Agra, aimed at redevelopment of the city, is progressing at a snail's pace, causing hardships for the people.

After conducting a review, Agra District Magistrate (DM) Prabhu N Singh told India Today that he had ordered an inquiry into the work done on the project so far.

As of now, 19 projects have been reviewed. The concerned officials have been asked to submit a written reply on the slow progress of the 1200 mm water pipeline project.

Even before the inquiry began, the work done on the Smart City project was fully exposed to three days of heavy rain, leading to waterlogging of main roads, lanes and bylanes due to lack of a proper drainage system.

Over a dozen roads that were demarcated for the redevelopment work look like a warzone, with huge crater-like potholes appearing in the middle of the roads.

Several people have been injured after they fell into potholes. Some of them had to be rushed to hospitals. A few vehicles were also stuck in these craters. Additional traffic police personnel have been deputed to places where there are snarls.

In many places in the city, only one lane of the road is motorable, which is causing traffic jams. Tourist vehicles get stuck on the way from Sikandra towards Taj Mahal, as the roads are either flooded or covered in ankle-deep mud.

Locals said they were unhappy with the progress and lackadaisical attitude of the municipal corporation and district administration.

Social activist Deep Sharma said a major part of the Rs 1,000 crore spent on Agra's redevelopment had been washed away due to rain.

"Roads were dug up and left like that for many months. So when it rained, these roads turned into death traps for motorists and pedestrians. What's smart in the way work is being done for the Smart City project," Deep Sharma asked.


Autor(en)/Author(s): Siraj Qureshi

Quelle/Source: India Today, 04.08.2021

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