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Donnerstag, 2.12.2021
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The Prime Minister Narendra Modi, on Monday, inaugurated various projects under Varanasi Smart City including the ghat revitalization and façade restoration work at five ghats, basement parking and park at Townhall, beautification and conservation of Chakra Pond, and Bio-CNG Plant at Gau Ashray Kendra, Shahanshahpur.

According to the spokesperson of the Smart City, a fund of Rs 50.92 crore was spent for the execution of these projects.

For facilitating tourists and visitors, the ghat revitalization and façade restoration work was done at Dashashwamedh, Sheetla, Ahilyabai, Munshi and Darbhanga ghats at the cost of Rs 2.02 crore.

In the facade improvement work of the buildings situated on the ghats, mainly acrylic paint, graffiti, stains on the buildings were removed and the dilapidated stone, balcony, railing were repaired and replaced.

Besides, repair of cracks, removal of cement plaster on buildings and installation of lime plaster and lime wash were also done. While preserving the buildings as heritage, its façade was restored to its original design and glory. The work of repair and replacement of dilapidated steps has been done on the ghats, with which the original image has been provided by replacing the thin stone cladding and CC base at Dashashwamedh Ghat.

Under the Varanasi Smart City, basement parking and a park on the ground level have been constructed at town hall at Maidagin crossing at a cost of Rs 23.31 crore to ease traffic congestion and solve parking issues. The parking has a capacity of 150 four-wheelers and 200 two-wheelers along with the facility of smart parking solution, equipped with fire-fighting standards and CCTV surveillance.

The reconstructed park will have facilities like open gym, yoga garden, jogging track, gazebo, herbal garden, vending zone, toilets and drinking water.

The beautification and redevelopment work of Chakra Pond located in Sigra area was done at the cost of Rs 2.59 crore. Aerated fountain, open gym, pergola, gazebo, jogging track, pathways, toilets and drinking water facilities have been provided along with construction of paved boundary around the pond.

A gaushala (cowshed), operated by the Varanasi Municipal Corporation with a capacity of 300 cows is located in Shahanshapur village, Raja Talab Tehsil. It has about 30,000 cattle in the radius of 20 km with an average emission of 5 to 10 kg of cow dung.

Traditionally, cow dung goes to waste due to non-use by the residents. Biomass generates greenhouse gases in the atmosphere through natural decay whereas Biogas is a green fuel and as a replacement for diesel, petrol, wood, it makes a net reduction in greenhouse gas.

A fund of Rs 23 crore was invested to solve this problem and with the intention of increasing the income of the villagers, Bio-CNG plant has been constructed, which is located in Shahanshapur Gaushala premises.

The plant will purchase cow dung from Shahanshapur Gaushala as well as nearby villages for it’s consumption. The production capacity of the plant is 2.5-3.0 tonnes of CNG, 25-30 tonnes of manure and 40,000 liters of liquid fertilizer per day.


Quelle/Source: The Times of India, 26.10.2021

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