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Samstag, 22.01.2022
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It has been four years since Rourkela was declared a Smart City. However, the residents here are yet to witness any development activities in the city.

Funds worth crores of rupees have been sanctioned for scores of projects in the city but no government official has any answer about when the projects will be complete.

There is no trace of many projects that are reportedly being implemented in the city, while some are being implemented without proper monitoring. Locals alleged severe irregularities in these developmental works. They alleged this is primarily due to the neglect and apathetic attitude of the public representatives and officials here.

Reports said funds worth Rs 20 crore is being spent in road beautification work in the Smart City. The project is being implemented by the Forest Development Corporation in Rourkela. According to government rules an e-tender has to be floated if the work order is over Rs 5 lakh. However, the FDC is implementing the project without scant regards for the norm.

It has spent over Rs 13.90 crore in beautification works of the Ring Road from Hanuman Vatika to the main gate of Rourkela Steel Plant, while Rs 7 crore has been spent on beautification work from Vedavyas Square to Vedavyas temple. With the available funds, planting of trees, construction of footpaths and installation of chairs on the footpaths have been undertaken.

However, a close look at the work does not match with the funds said to be spent on these works. Various types of valuable flower plants were planted on Vedavyas Road for beautification. However, these plants wilted after some time due to lack of water and proper treatment.

Locals have also raised questions on the quality of tiles being used to cover the pavements on the footpaths and allege that funds for these works have been embezzled.

They alleged that while crores of rupees are being spent on the beautification of the Smart City, sub-standard works have made these projects redundant after some time and are of no use for the denizens of the city.

Moreover, they raised doubts on the efficacy of the works as the officials in-charge of the projects are allegedly involved in various irregularities.

When contacted, Dibyajyoti Parida, Commissioner of Rourkela Municipal Corporation (RMC), refused to speak on the issue stating that the Smart City Officer is the competent authority to speak on the issue.

Sanjay Kumar Nanda, Smart City Officer, said that if the charges are true then action will be taken against the guilty officials after conducting a probe.

Biswajit Rout, divisional manager of FDC, said that it is better to ask the department sanctioning the funds for the project.


Quelle/Source: Orissa Post, 07.12.2021

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