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Freitag, 1.07.2022
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The smart city project being built on 1700 acres in East Nagpur is being criticized for its slow pace. On the other hand, the matter of missing documents related to the Smart City project is also a hot topic of discussion these days. The share certificates of the smart city project disappeared two years ago and who kept them and where is the moot question!

Due to lack of quality investigation in this regard, questions are also being raised on the seriousness of the officials of the concerned departments of Smart City project. The smart city project is being implemented in parts of Bharatwada, Poonapur, Pardi and Bhandewadi in East Nagpur in a total area of 1730 acres. 52 km long roads are being constructed, which include 24 and 30 metres wide roads. A network of footpaths, drains, sewage lines, and waterways will be laid on both sides of the road. This also includes housing projects. So far Rs 418 crore has been spent on this project.

To make the project work at a high level, a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) company was set up and ‘smart’ officers were appointed in place of the traditional bureaucracy. But in this company, there are many officers of Municipal Corporation. So instead of improving the speed and quality of work, it is declining.

Kiosks installed under Smart City have become useless and lakhs of rupees have been wasted. Now a serious matter has come to the fore that documents are also missing.

In this case, an attempt was made to ‘eliminate’ the employee who returned from Smart City to Municipal Corporation. However, the source said that the employee has proof that the share certificate has been handed over to the department concerned. After the smart city work is completed, the company will transfer these works to the Municipal Corporation. So in future the company will also be closed. In such a situation, if the shareholders make a claim, there is a possibility of the company going into disarray.

Certificate of Rs 15 lakh missing:

When the smart city project was started, the share certificates of the investors in the project were prepared under the signature of the then Municipal Commissioner. Some had certificates worth Rs 5 lakh and some had certificates worth Rs 2 lakh. The source said that the certificates are now missing. A total of 12 to 15 lakh certificates are missing and no one is taking initiative to find them, the source said. Therefore, even after the installation of SPV, it is seen that the officers are still adopting the working style of the Municipal Corporation.


Quelle/Source: Nagpur Today, 31.05.2022

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