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Freitag, 1.07.2022
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On 29th April 2022, Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) in association with Deendayal Port Authority (DPA) launched a pilot named “5th Generation (5G) Small Cell and Aerial Fiber deployment using Deendayal Port Street Furniture.”

The TRAI press release said Small Cell is equipment that will be deployed for upcoming 5G networks uses higher frequencies spectrum to provide ultra-high broadband speed and are placed closer to the user so as to provide quick responses to user’s request using street furniture, ie electric poles, bus stands, traffic lights, street lights, etc.

The pilot study will help in understanding challenges in 5G small cell deployment at Indian ports. Hundreds of 5G Small Cells need to be installed in a square KM of the area to provide good coverage. Use of Street furniture already available at ports like poles etc. can be used for mounting these 5G Small Cells, obviating the need for erecting thousands of new towers. This will not only ensure faster deployment of 5G but also unlock the true potential of underutilized street furniture at ports. Ports, using these highly reliable 5G networks will be able to launch Enterprise Solutions which will, in turn, help them to compete with the best international ports.

Apart from senior officials of the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI), Department of Telecommunications (DOT), and Telecommunication Engineering Center (TEC), the meeting was also attended by the Cellular Operators Association of India (COAl) along with higher officials of BSNL, 310, Air-tel, Vodafone Idea Limited and Indus Towers. The team of the Deendayal Port Authority (DPA) was led by Deputy Chairman.

Vodafone Idea, Airtel, and BSNL along with Indus Towers will be jointly working on this pilot with Deendayal Port Authority (DPA).

Better productivity and efficiency of Indian ports will help in a more efficient supply chain and boost the overall Indian economy. Worldwide 5G deployment at ports and various use cases are resulting in improved operations, decreased costs, and enhanced productivity.

Similar pilots were started by TRAI at Delhi International Airport, Smart City Bhopal, and Namma Metro Bengaluru also.


Quelle/Source: Voice & Data, 02.06.2022

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