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Freitag, 24.05.2024
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Summer returns and to beat the heat, air-conditioned (AC) electric buses of city bus service are offering relief to commuters. The Smart City board of directors has decided to offer 40 AC electric, eco-friendly buses.

On behalf of Smart City, a contract was signed for 15 buses in the initial phase. Twenty five were approved for the second phase on which 13 were made available.

There are currently 28 AC buses running in the Aapli Bus fleet. Remaining 12 have reached the city. All 40 buses will begin operating by the end of the month.

Forty six more electric buses are being operated by the Olectra Company but they are not air-conditioned. With financial help of the central government, 40 ladies special Tejaswini buses have been purchased by the state government and six by Olectra Company.

Aapli Bus and PMI have a contract in place for supplying 144 electric buses. All of them have to be delivered by De- cember 2023. By the end of April, PMI may deliver 15 to 20 buses.


Quelle/Source: The Live Nagpur, 18.04.2023

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