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On the cards: Real time info about buses via mobile app; setting up of intelligent management system; bus ports in major cities

Publicly batting for digital platforms to bring transparency and accountability in public transport system, Transport Minister Mauvin Godinho on Friday said the Intelligent Transport Management System will be set up within six months wherein public transport users will get to know the bus routes and timings for travel to any part of the State.

After launching the Mhaji bus scheme at Margao, the Transport Minister said the Intelligent Transport Management System will be put in place within six months.

“From the mobile, the commuters will be able to see the routes and the bus timings. Since I am making a commitment to set up the Intelligent Transport Management System within six months, I have now set a six-month deadline on my officials to implement the system,” Mauvin said, while promising that the transport system will soon see a big turnaround in the State.

He added: “in most parts of the world today, the transport system is guided by digital platforms. Digital platforms are slowly catching up in many parts of the country. This is going to be a game changer. I appeal to the taxi operators to enroll themselves on the digital platforms. We have no problem if they come with their own app. Even passengers can keep a track on the flight landing. Goa receives tourists from across the world. We have to bring the transport system under the digital platforms.”

New scheme for replacement of buses

The Transport Minister announced plans to introduce a new scheme for the private bus operators to replace their ageing buses. Saying the government would facilitate the bus owner to run the buses which are more than 15-year old, but in good condition, Mauvin said the new scheme will help the owners to replace the old buses and bring new buses on the roads.

Bus Ports in State

The Transport Minister announced that Union Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari has promised to set up bus ports in Goa, including Margao, Panaji, Vasco and Mapusa in the coming days. Referring to the plea made by Margao MLA Digambar Kamat to build a new bus stand for Margao, Mauvin said, “Union Minister Nitin Gadkari has promised to set up a bus port at Margao after the Centre enters into an agreement with the Goa government to fund the project. The State government will not invest in the project, but it will be totally funded by the Centre,” he said, adding that all the 18 bus stands in Goa will be converted into bus ports with central assistance.

‘Smart transport’ in Panaji

The Transport Minister has promised to bring about a turnaround in the public transport system in Panaji by making it smart transport. “Panaji city has received around 48 electric buses under the smart city scheme. I will replace the old buses which are in bad condition. Let transport be smart transport in the capital city,” he said, while saying the Smart Transport scheme will be launched in the capital city within two weeks.

Margao bus stand repairs

On the bad condition of the Margao KTC bus stand, the Transport Minister said the government has floated a tender to hot mix the bus stand at a cost of over Rs 3 crore. He said another tender amounting to Rs 87 lakh will be floated soon to take care of illumination and passenger amenities.


Quelle/Source: The Goan, 12.08.2023

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