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Divisional Commissioner Kashmir VK Bidhuri on Monday said that every house, road and cultural heritage in Srinagar district will get Unique Identification Number which will help every person and authorities to identify the person or place without any hassle.

“Allotment of Unique ID is a process taken under the Smart City Project. In Srinagar it was earlier executed on trial basis and soon it will be extended beyond Srinagar too,” said Divisional Commissioner Kashmir VK Bidhuri.

He said that the Unique Identity will help relatives and others to locate and contact the location without any hassle.

“This will be a guide for people and authorities to locate the place and discover the person or the house without problems,” he said.

Specifically, the project of allocating Unique Identity to every household and business venture in central Kashmir’s Srinagar district has been launched in the year 2022 on a trial basis. The authorities had set up a well-equipped and hi-tech Command Control System (CCS) at HMT Srinagarin to monitor the activities in the area.


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Quelle/Source: Irshi Videos, 28.08.2023

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