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The face lift of Jammu city under the Jammu Smart City Limited (JSCL) Project has imparted a ‘’smart look to the city of temples making it at par with any metro city of the country.

With the beautification of the markets, rotaries, flyovers, government buildings and offices, bus stands and parks, Jammu city is catching the eye of everyone reflecting a new charm added to it under the different works undertaken by the Jammu Smart City Project.

The main markets of Jammu City such as Raghunath Bazar, Purani Mandi, Jewel area markets, Residency Road, markets in posh localities of Gandhi Nagar and Trikuta Nagar, main rotaries, flyovers, all bridges on River Tawi and main roads and the airport can be seen glittering with the installation of colourful and Tricolour lightings, presenting a spectacular look to the city especially in the evening hours when the lights are lit up and glowing.

With all these added features , water ATMs are soon going to be introduced in the city starting with the posh locality Gandhi Nagar on Apsara Road, where a grand looking ‘welcome gate’ has already been put in place.

Moreover, for the convenience of the locals to venture out for the evening walk, the admin has made available colourful chairs on both sides of the Apsara Road .

All this has been done under the Jammu Smart City Limited (JSCL) Project of the Government of India (GoI), which has given a new look to the entire Jammu City.

The 3-D paintings all across the Jammu City have further enhanced the look of the city. These intricate paintings of different kinds and depictions on the walls can be seen across the city right from the airport to the interiors of the Jammu city.

Almost all the walls on the main roads and along the flyovers of the city of temples have been decorated with these astounding 3-D paintings, while the work on the remaining parts has been going on in full swing.

Beautification of the parks in different areas of the city has also enhanced the city’s overall look. The parks across the city now have greenery all around with tiled walkways and all exercising fixtures in place both for children and adults.

With widening of the roads & the busiest rotaries of the city, the prolonged traffic mess has become a thing of the past by the installation of Intelligent Traffic Management System (ITMS) under the Smart City Project.

The rotaries and roads in different areas of the Jammu City, which had once become synonymous to traffic jams, like Jewel Chowk, Talab Tillo road, Apsara Road, Akhnoor road and some others are now witnessing smooth vehicular movement for almost entire day including the busiest peak hours.

The widening of roads under the Smart City Project has given a new perspective to the city giving much needed relief to the people from irritating traffic jams.

Talking to Rising Kashmir, General Manager, JSCL, Ashish Anand said, “The widening of ever busy roads like Jewel Chowk, Apsara Road, Talab Tillo Road, flyover on Akhnoor Road and ITMS have streamlined the traffic in Jammu City to a large extent,” adding, , “The people, now, have also become aware about the traffic rules and are following them”.

A total of 680 high resolution cameras under ITMS have been installed at different locations and rotaries in Jammu City to streamline traffic and penalise the violators.

Apart from traffic management, these high-tech Pan Tilt Zoom (PTZ) cameras also keep a close watch on unlawful and criminal activities if done.

They provide real time video footage and pictures to the control rooms which helps the investigating agencies and the security forces to keep a vigil on unlawful activities and other offenses.

In addition to this, ‘Smart Traffic Booths’ have replaced the old tin and wooden shredded booths in Jammu. These can be seen at different locations across the city which have added a good look on roads of Jammu besides equipping the cops with basic facilities during their duties in cold, hot and humid conditions.

The high-tech and never seen before newly acquired e-buses have also been conducting trial runs on seven different routes of the city since the past around a month.

“Thenew buses present a grand look and we hope that their operation will be started at an earliest,” said Mahesh Sharma, a local who ho works at Vivekanand hospital, Adding, “Once all these 100 e-buses start running in the city, our Jammu will be like Delhi, Banglore, Mumbai or any other metro city of the country”.

Rohit Sharma, an employee at SMVD University said, “ I spent two years in Bangalore and I could clearly see that the city of temples has changed in many aspects.”

Adding, “The Jammu City has completely changed as far as its look is concerned, he said. “It is now presenting a beautiful view,” he said.


Autor(en)/Author(s): Noor Mohi-ud-din

Quelle/Source: Rising Kashmir, 24.09.2023

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