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Deputy Commissioner Rajouri, Vikas Kundal, on Sunday encouraged citizens to "leverage" the online services proffered by the revenue department, an official statement said. He was presiding over a volunteer services camp as part of the ongoing vigilance awareness week to bolster transparency, efficiency, and accessibility of public services, as per a statement.

"The momentous event served as a resounding testament to the unwavering commitment of the administration to swiftly address the multifaceted concerns and grievances of the public," an official said. "In a time where the clarion call for digital transformation resonates, this camp stands as a beacon of the district's resolute pursuit of modernization," the official added.

Speaking on this occasion, the DC emphasised the transformative journey of the department towards providing online services, "which has heralded a revolutionary paradigm shift in the delivery of public services". "This pivot towards digitization has not only augmented efficiency but has also fostered greater transparency and accountability within the department," DC Kundal said.

He underscored that the district is traversing a path of transformation underpinned by technology and innovation and "fervently encouraged" citizens to "leverage" the online services proffered by the revenue department. DC Kundal also emphasised the paramount importance of ensuring the speedy resolution of public grievances in a time-bound manner.

"This directive underscores the unwavering commitment of the administration to not only hear the concerns of the citizens but to act upon them promptly, leaving no room for unnecessary delays and ensuring the utmost efficiency in public service delivery," DC Kundal said.


Quelle/Source: Devdiscourse, 05.11.2023

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