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In a bid to ensure the expeditious completion of ongoing projects and strict adherence to quality standards, a comprehensive review of the Smart City initiatives in downtown Srinagar was conducted. The areas under scrutiny included Nowhatta, Malaratta, Bohrikadal, Zainakadal, Maharajgunj, Sarafakadal, Nowabazar, Dalal Mohalla, Nalemar, and Khyam.

The directive was issued during an on-site inspection aimed at assessing the progress of various development works initiated under the ambitious Srinagar Smart City project. The review emphasized the need for a timely and efficient execution of projects, considering their significance in transforming the urban landscape of downtown Srinagar.

The areas marked for review are integral parts of the historic and culturally rich downtown, and the Smart City initiative seeks to revitalize and enhance these spaces for the benefit of residents and visitors.

Authorities emphasized the urgency of completing the ongoing projects within the stipulated timelines. Timely completion is crucial not only for the aesthetic transformation of the areas but also for minimizing disruptions to the daily lives of residents.

Strict instructions were given to ensure that the construction and development works adhere to the highest quality standards. Quality control measures were underscored to guarantee that the infrastructure improvements stand the test of time and contribute positively to the urban environment.

The inspection considered the potential impact of the ongoing projects on the local community. Efforts were made to strike a balance between the development goals and the preservation of the cultural and historical heritage of the downtown areas.

Local authorities, project managers, and contractors were urged to collaborate closely to address any bottlenecks hindering the pace of work. The overall objective is to create urban spaces that are not only modern and efficient but also respectful of the rich cultural fabric of downtown Srinagar.

As the Smart City initiatives progress, the authorities remain committed to transparency, accountability, and community engagement, ensuring that the transformation of downtown Srinagar is not only swift but also enhances the quality of life for its residents.


Quelle/Source: Brighter Kashmir, 25.12.2023

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