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Srinagar Smart City project was launched in 2016 as part of India’s Smart Cities Mission, aiming to transform the city into an eco-friendly, resilient, and vibrant hub.

A total of 125 projects, amounting to Rs 9.3 billion, was approved under the Smart City Mission to Srinagar by the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs. A substantial Rs. 2869.24 crore was allocated for Area Based Development, focusing on key areas, while Rs. 765.03 crore was dedicated to Pan City Solutions, ensuring city-wide improvements.

G20 Summit transformation

The year 2023 marked a historic chapter for Srinagar as it proudly hosted the prestigious G20 Summit. In preparation for this global event, the city underwent a remarkable facelift, setting new standards for urban excellence. Major roads were repaved, new streetlights illuminated the cityscape, and public spaces were adorned with captivating landscaping and artwork, showcasing the city’s commitment to global standards.

Refurbished Polo View market

On May 12, 2023, the bustling Polo View Market underwent a stunning metamorphosis. This pedestrian-friendly and wire-free market is a testament to modern urban planning. With universal access, underground infrastructure, and public bicycle-sharing facilities, it stands as a shining example of the Srinagar Smart City Project’s vision.

Ghanta Ghar resonates with heritage

On August 15th, Srinagar witnessed the grand inauguration of the renovated iconic Ghanta Ghar, Lal Chowk’s pride. The clock tower, with its renewed architecture, has become a major attraction, drawing comparisons to London’s iconic Big Ben. This fusion of local heritage and global symbols creates a unique sense of connection and curiosity among the city’s residents.

Jhelum Riverfront – A recreational oasis

On May 30, the enchanting Jhelum-Rajbagh riverfront was inaugurated, heralding a new era of urban excellence. Envisioned as a continuous walking and cycling promenade, it boasts parks, public plazas, sanitation facilities, seating spaces, and high-quality lighting, enriching the citizens’ quality of life and contributing to socio-economic growth.

Dal Lakefront

Under the Smart City Project, Dal Lake Sunset Plaza, Eco Park at Shalimar, 9.30 km stretch of right-side Walkway of Boulevard Road from Badyari Chowk to Nishat Bagh and Phase-I of Northern Foreshore Road Lakefront project from Nishat to Naseem Bagh were completed.

Smart initiatives for connectivity

The introduction of GPS-enabled smart buses in July, 2023 has revolutionised city transportation, enhancing connectivity and providing a comfortable commute for residents. This initiative aligns with the Smart City’s vision of integrating technology for a smarter, more efficient urban experience.

Holistic urban development initiatives

Beyond these milestones, the Srinagar Smart City project has undertaken numerous initiatives, including the upgradation of heritage markets, improvement of Jhelum ghats, facade enhancement of heritage markets, redevelopment of the Shalimar Canal and Nishat Bagh precincts, lakefront development, and the creation of cycle tracks and walkways.

The facade upgradation of heritage markets at Zaina Kadal and Maharaj Gunj and the Shalimar Canal redevelopment project are notable efforts to transform historic areas into vibrant public spaces.


Autor(en)/Author(s): Rabiya Bashir

Quelle/Source: Greater Kashmir, 01.01.2024

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