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Sonntag, 23.06.2024
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The integrated command and control centre (ICCC) of the city corporation has commenced full-scale operations. The centre, which was inaugurated in March, not only monitors the city through CCTV cameras but also provides facilities to access service details, receive accident alerts, and control them. It has consolidated all the city-related information.Additionally, a traffic control centre has been established at Nandavanam for this purpose.

One of the primary functions of the traffic control centre is to manage traffic signals dynamically, adjusting them in response to real-time traffic congestion. This proactive approach to traffic management helps mitigate bottlenecks and ensure a smoother flow of vehicles. Additionally, the centre plays a crucial role in handling emergencies, coordinating with various departments to provide prompt and effective responses.

To enhance traffic control measures, the city has installed 1,100 new cameras, including 300 cameras capable of identifying vehicle numbers and providing alerts, 24 cameras with facial recognition capabilities, and 300 cameras in parks and public spaces. These cameras will also notify command centres about issues like unauthorized parking. Furthermore, the city’s traffic signals have been upgraded. Air pollution monitoring systems have been installed at five locations, sending data to the control centre every 15 minutes, enabling prompt action in case of a fire or toxic gas presence.

The centre will provide information about multi-level parking collection and on-street parking in the city. It will also offer real-time information about KSRTC buses, with 500 services currently included and plans to incorporate all city buses, including electric ones in the near future. The Margadarshi app is currently available for this purpose.

The control centre also provides information about approximately 15 govt hospitals in the city. Under the Smart City project, smart meters for the water authority’s PTP section and bulk meters at pumping stations have been installed, allowing the detection and resolution of water loss beyond consumption.

The integrated command control centre, constructed at a cost of Rs 95 crore, operates in a 6,500 sqft area within the corporation office compound. It features 15 modern DLP video walls, computers, a video wall room, a war room, a help desk, a work area, and a meeting room.

Though a temporary facility was operational at the district collectorate, this one is a state-of-the-art facility with many features. It will act as a common point of action during emergencies to facilitate coordinated action. The control rooms, or war rooms, at the ICCC would act as a single point of coordinated action and decision-making among various agencies such as police, civil supplies, revenue, health, and firefighting. Corporation Janaseva Kendra will function on the ground floor, while the first floor will be exclusively for ICCC.


Quelle/Source: The Times of India, 11.05.2024

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