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Montag, 15.07.2024
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The process of converting overhead electrical networks to underground systems is nearing completion in Panaji and Ribandar, the Smart City Mission said.

The project, called Scougen (smart conversion of overhead to underground electrical network) is designed to improve the reliability and efficiency of the power infrastructure, and the electricity department says it will specifically address the frequent power failures and upgrade outdated electrical equipment.

The project’s overall cost is Rs 73.8 crore, funded under the Smart City Mission, with capital expenditure amounting to Rs 55.3 crore and operational expenditure of Rs 18.4 crore.

“Extensive cabling work includes 22.5km of 11kV high tension cables, 66.1km of 1.1kV low tension cables, and 180.8km of consumer and streetlight cables. The project also includes the installation of 11KV ring main units (RMU) and low tension feeder pillars,” said Imagine Panaji Smart City Development Limited (IPSCDL).

“The Scougen project boasts significant achievements, including the modernisation of infrastructure by replacing old, overloaded equipment with smart elements such as compact substations. This modernisation has resulted in a significant reduction in power outages and improved quality of electrical supply,” said IPSCDL.

It also said that the Scougen project is designed to involve comprehensive work, including the conversion of overhead lines to underground, covering both high and low tension lines, including supply to consumers. Additionally, 36 compact substations of 630kVA and 400kVA capacities are being installed across various strategic locations, it said.

It added that the visual appeal of Panaji and Ribandar has significantly improved with the removal of unsightly overhead lines.

These installations are strategically-placed at critical locations to maximise their impact, it said. In Panaji, notable sites include areas near Kamat Complex, Tonca, opposite Magnum Centre and near Campal Clinic among others.


Quelle/Source: The Times of India, 08.06.2024

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