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Montag, 21.05.2018
eGovernment Forschung | eGovernment Research 2001 - 2018

Shura Council and Parliament Affairs Minister Ghanim bin Fadhul Al Buainain met CEO of Informatics and e-Government Organisation, Mohammed bin Ali Al Qaed.

The meeting reviewed the advanced stages of the "Zajil" e-correspondence system which after it was officially approved by the Ministry resulted in the achievement of considerable progress in speeding up the exchange and follow up of e-correspondence.

The minister praised the Organisation's efforts in developing the e-correspondence system in the Kingdom's ministries and institutions.

Al Qaed expressed his gratitude and appreciation to the minister for his continuous cooperation and support to the Organisation in its role of developing e- government work.

Several officials of the Organisation were also present during the meeting.


Quelle/Source: Bahrain News Agency, 11.01.2017

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