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Mittwoch, 20.06.2018
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The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has launched the upgraded and entirely developed version of its smart phone application (Wejhaty), which includes multi-services provided by the ministry for users, Assistant Undersecretary of Human and Financial Resources and Information System, Khalil Y. Alkhayyat said.

The Arabic and English services are part of the ministry's efforts to facilitate communication with the public and provide advanced quality services with emphasis on the leading role of Bahrain in the field of e-government services.

Among the new application updates that have been developed in collaboration with Information and e-Government Authority (iGA) is a service known as (tell us about your trip), which will facilitate communication between Bahraini citizens and students with the diplomatic missions of Bahrain abroad and requires registration at standard e-key to record the trip information.

They also have the option to update or modify flight data as well as they can receive alerts in case of emergencies and get their return coordinated. This service also enhances embassies’ communication with citizens in their countries as they can send request for help at any time, through direct contact, e-mail or Twitter.

Inquiring about visa service has also been added and the service covers information about the required visa depending on the citizen’s passport type and provides states’ websites that explain visa terms and offer the possibility to apply online if such services are available.

The service also provides information if a particular state has diplomatic missions in the Kingdom of Bahrain and if the kingdom has an embassy in this particular state.

This service is also provided among a range of useful links that could be used via the application while preparing to including a variety of links that cover passport renewal, travel ban, travel insurance, flight information and visa requirements depending on the type of the user’s passport alongside embassies’ websites to directly apply for visa.

The new updates also include the "important notifications" issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs whereby users are notified on urgent situations and receive these notifications or any other announcements through the application.

Through this application, the user could receive instant information, in a way that reflects keenness of the Kingdom of Bahrain to insure safety and security of its citizens everywhere abroad.

The Travel insurance service has been added to provide information on travel insurance and connect beneficiaries with the insurance companies. The updated application in its new edition provides information on addresses, phone numbers and emails of the embassies and diplomatic missions of the Kingdom of Bahrain abroad as well as on foreign missions accredited to the kingdom in addition to working hours and locations through Google Maps.

In addition, the updates insure accessibility to general information on the Kingdom of Bahrain, designed to guide visitors to explore the most significant Bahraini landmarks. The application offers links such the tour guide application of the Bahrain Authority for Culture and Antiques as well as direct e-visa links and the International Bahrain Circuit website.

Citizens are able to unveil their travel plans on Wejhaty via e-government portal http://www.bahrain.bh or by downloading the Wejhaty application via the app store, the play store or www.bahrain.bh/apps.


Quelle/Source: Bahrain News Agency, 15.03.2017

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