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Samstag, 22.09.2018
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At the Amazon Web Services Summit, Mohamed Al AlQaed, the CEO of the Bahrain’s Information and eGovernment Authority (iGA), announced the launch of the ”Cloud First” policy, allowing migrating systems to cloud following the best practices while preserving the iGA’s high-security standards.

AlQaed also commented that the Kingdom is among the leading countries in the Middle East to adopt the cloud policy in the public sector. According to him, it would lead to a wide range of high-paying jobs in both the public and the private sectors. Many government agencies have already started transferring their data to the cloud, he added.

So far, the Ministry of Education, the Bahrain Institute of Public Administration, the Ministry of Justice and Islamic Affairs, along with the iGA, have already embraced the new technology and started working on the cloud. In addition to that, more than 20 government sites have already migrated to the cloud using 100 servers out of 650 in total. By the end of the year, the rest of the servers would be utilized too.

To ensure the smooth transition of the public sector data, the authorities are working with cutting-edge technologies and a pioneering eGovernment program. They also develop eGovernment channels to support users’ experience and enhance the advanced government data networks. Along with the other bespoke advantages, the implementing of the cloud would also result in reducing IT costs by up to 30% – 90% depending on the nature of each system. Next to that, it would also facilitate the management of government services and speeds up the projects’ execution. Moreover, it would increase productivity and provide a higher level of online security.

AlQaed also mentioned that the adoption of the ”Cloud First” Policy is in line with the National Strategic Plan and Government Work Plan to allow authorities deliver more services to the citizens while decreasing the IT operational costs.


Quelle/Source: Startup MGZN, 27.09.2017

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