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Sonntag, 25.08.2019
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The Labour Market Regulatory Authority (LMRA) held a workshop for all employment agencies informing them about the new system and powers granted to the offices.

Under the new system, employers can go to a recruitment agency approved by the LMRA, choose the worker and submit the application electronically.

The application will then be passed to both the eGovernment and the Information and eGovernment Authority who will issue the worker an identification number.

It will then go to the Nationality, Passports and Residence Affairs for a visa to be issued electronically.

The procedure will help cut red tape, bring the number of administrative formalities from four to one and reduce employers’ visits to official authorities by over 50 per cent.

LMRA vice-president of operations Ali Al Kooheji stressed the keenness of LMRA in co-operating with the recruitment offices and listening to all their observations.

He added that the aim of allowing recruitment offices the power to issue permits for domestic workers is to facilitate the procedures for citizens and residents wishing to get a domestic worker.

He added that the LMRA offices will also be open to those wishing to apply for direct recruitment and pointed out that all the controls to achieve maximum security for the public have been put in place by LMRA.

He assured the public that no permit will be issued without the personal approval of the employer, or head of the family, by either signing the application form or through the electronic key in the Information and eGovernment Authority.

Meanwhile, the Bahrain Association of Recruitment Agencies head Aqeel Al Mahari stressed that they will work with LMRA to implement the new system in the offices.

“The system gave the offices new powers and we hope that these powers will be strengthened in the coming period,” he said.

“LMRA officials confirmed in more than one meeting that the new system will be reviewed after implementation and shortcoming, if any, will be addressed.”

He predicted that the new system will contribute to the rejuvenation of approved LMRA recruitment offices while also reducing the work of unlicensed offices by up to 50 per cent.


Quelle/Source: Al-Bawaba, 03.03.2019

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