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Donnerstag, 28.05.2020
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Housing Minister Bassem Al Hamer announced that Bahrain is making significant progress for 5G networks to go live in the GCC nation soon.

This move is highly significant for a smart city technology, the housing minister noted, saying that it was needed for urban communities.

VIVA Bahrain and Batelco will be responsible for the commencement of the 5G networks.

Al Hamer stated: "it is possible to use monitoring devices to collect data and information, such as traffic congestion, temperature, air quality, the efficiency of electricity, water and other networks - which then can be analysed by artificial intelligence."

"It will be an essential element in the quality and efficiency of services, and therefore countries can achieve development goals that focus on sustainable cities," he added.


Quelle/Source: MENAFN, 02.06.2019

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