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Donnerstag, 13.08.2020
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Blockchain Technology has gained more momentum among the professionals in the Kingdom with a new edition of Blockchain Certification Programmes, it is learnt. Many from different Bahraini entities are showing huge interest to undergo courses in Blockchain Technology. This came as a latest batch of Certified Blockchain Experts completed their training, at the Blockchain Centre of Excellence, organised by Thinksmart, a leading ICT training provider and an exclusive and strategic partner of the Blockchain Council.

Certified Blockchain Expert is an ideal start for anyone who wants to gain a thorough understanding of Blockchain Concept, Cryptocurrency, Data Mining, Data Security, Smart Contracts etc, Thinksmart said in a statement issued. The successful completion of training provides delegates with Certification from the International Organisation for Blockchain Research “The Blockchain Council”. The training is supported by Tamkeen for Bahrainis. Senior officials from large organisations in the Kingdom that include University of Bahrain, Information and eGovernment Authority, Ernst and Young, Bahrain Bourse, Oracle System, HSBC and others took part in the training, which was held for three full days.

Ahmed AlHujairy, Group CEO of ThinkSmart mentioned in the statement: “Many companies in Bahrain are starting to learn the technology of Blockchain which can be used to improve their business operations. Blockchain Centre of Excellence is an initiative that will cover Blockchain Trainings, Consultancy, Research and Event.” For his part, Ahmed Saleh Albalooshi, Founder and Managing Director of Fintech IT Services and Consultation said: “The new technology is now evolving in the world and the Kingdom of Bahrain is trying to reach that level, so there are lots of awareness and training sessions for IT companies and startups.

Such trainings will help the employees and business owners to understand and catch up to this new evolution.” Abdulla Abdeen, Bahrain Clear’s Senior Director of Operations said: “There is a global trend of moving towards Blockchain with its advantages that is being handled by this kind of crowd and huge number of transactions. We think that moving from the current status to Blockchain will be cost-effective for all of the stakeholders.”

The Blockchain Centre of Excellence has been launched in order to work hand in hand with some of the biggest organisations in Bahrain who have taken a leap in implementing Blockchain Technology in the country. The trainings under the initiative not only gives a very needed awareness of the subject to all concerned, but also assists organisations implement their projects faster and more efficiently


Quelle/Source: News of Bahrain, 31.08.2019

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