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Montag, 28.09.2020
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The Information and eGovernment Authority (iGA) announced that people who may have been in contact with active cases of the coronavirus (COVID-19) are being informed and asked to get tested. This is being done through the contact tracing feature of the BeAware Bahrain app, which has been launched as part of the national fight against COVID-19. The iGA announced on its Instagram account: “Over the couple of weeks, the optional data of registered individuals through the BeAware Bahrain app has been automatically collected and compared and matched with locations of active COVID-19 cases.

“The app’s contact tracing feature sent push notifications and SMS messages to individuals who may have come into contact with active cases, requesting them to be tested for their own health and safety.” The iGA added that it urges the public to support efforts to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 by downloading the BeAware app, free of charge, for iOS and Android via the eGovernment App Store on bahrain.bh/apps.


Quelle/Source: News of Bahrain, 19.04.2020

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