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Donnerstag, 4.03.2021
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The Nationality, Passports and Residence Affairs (NPRA) said that the number of visitors in the service centres in Muharraq and Isa Town would be reduced to preserve the safety of everyone based on the recommendations of the National Medical Team.

NPRA called on the public to use the available electronic platforms to provide services to avoid crowding and to quicken the completion of transactions.

It stressed that centres should be visited only in cases that cannot be completed electronically, taking into account the precautionary measures such as not to bring with them children or companions and to wait in the vehicle when arriving before the appointment.

NPRA added that it is possible to submit visa applications (issuance, transfer, extend, cancel, and renew), and to renew the Bahraini passport through the e-government portal bahrain.bh.

Residency services (renew/cancel / issuance), as well as Bahraini passport issuance (for the first time/issuance of a lost/damaged passport/traffic ticket) applications, can be submitted via the administration’s website www.npra.gov.bh.

NPRA said it was obligatory to book an appointment ahead of visiting the centres in the very necessary cases via the skiplino application, and in the event of any inquiry, suggestion or complaint, it is possible to contact the call centre on 17399764, or via www.bahrain.bh/tawasul.


Quelle/Source: News of Bahrain, 14.02.2021

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