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Freitag, 1.07.2022
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Solar powered e-paper displays are being rolled out across the transport system in Bahrain, as part of its smart city initiative Spark City (Gulf).

A deal was struck between London-based Papercast and the Bahrain government’s Ministry of Transportation and Telecommunication, to replace paper bus timetables with its 13” outdoor displays.

The units use e-ink technology, are solar powered, with low energy use, and work with cloud-based data management systems. They will relay live bus arrival and other travel info at stops in the centre of the capital Manama. Papercast secured the contract following a trial of its displays at the new Bahrain International Airport.

Bahrain joins other cities in the Middle East that are already using the displays, including Abu Dhabi, Kuwait, Makkah and Qater. Last month, Papercast won a Slovenian design competition, the Brumen Awards, for its display.

Roddy Drummond, British ambassador to Bahrain said the system “will help people to use the bus network flexibly and in the future link into the Metro. Using public transport is important for the energy transition and making our cities more sustainable, and this is a smart contribution to that.”


Quelle/Source: BIM+, 01.06.2022

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