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eGovernment Forschung seit 2001 | eGovernment Research since 2001
Since its launch on 7th February and up till yesterday 15th April 2007, Abu Dhabi eGovornment portal received 1,017,812 hits of which 30% were in search for Abu Dhabi business links. These figures were revealed by H.E Rashed Lahej Al Mansoori, Chairman of Abu Dhabi Systems and Information Committee ‘ADSIC'.

According to Mr. Al Mansoori, the portal was accessed from outside the UAE by 68% totaling 705,440 hits, whereas the local access matches 33% totaling 312,372 hits. He was quoted saying, "The majority of hits from outside UAE was interested in exploring the investment benefits in Abu Dhabi, the applicable procedures and the conditions of business startup". He pointed out that the nature of these hits demonstrates the foreign investors' wish to avail themselves of the attractive investment climate which Abu Dhabi promises being one of the most remarkable investment destinations in the region.

At the same time, Mr. Al Mansoori emphasized that these hits were not restricted to business only, they also used most services available on the site.

ADSIC was well aware of the importance of reinforcing the investment environment and activating foreign trade; therefore it created, in the portal, many links that provide the investors and businessmen with comprehensive details about starting up and licensing businesses, the conditions of importing/ exporting different kinds of goods, in addition to other details about free zones and tax exemptions.

Furthermore, the portal contains other information about the world trade including the basics of impo-expo, customs clearance in addition to other topics of great interest to the businessmen.

Mr. Al Mansoori emphasized that the launch of Abu Dhabi eGovernment Portal marks the pursuit of Abu Dhabi Emirate government to streamline the governmental procedures and to optimize the customer-oriented services.

He added that ADSIC will do its best to optimize the e-services provided throughout the portal.

According to Mr. Al Mansoori, ADSIC can keep this promise by providing information and interfaces with 30 government entities and more than 533 services which are all expected to make it easy for the government customers to complete their transactions as soon as possible. He confirmed that ADSIC is committed to an on-going development as to transform all the services electronically. As for the services and transactions which can not be finalized online, Mr. Al Mansoori promised to minimize their steps.

Many businessmen praised the services and information made available by the business portal in the Abu Dhabi e-Gov. portal; business start up and license guide was their cynosure as it provides them with easy-to-follow tips and step-by-step guide to incorporate new companies. The Licensing Guide consists of valuable information which enlightens the investors and businessmen on the legal implications for different types of companies, procedures of commercial license, or looking for enterprise location.

On the Other hand, ADSIC took part in the activities of Abu Dhabi 17th International Book Fair organized by Abu Dhabi Authority for Culture and Heritage between 31st march-7th April.

The participation was intended to highlight the Abu Dhabi Government Portal , recently inaugurated, and its services including data and information of great benefits for a wide range of UAE locals and residents whether inside or outside UAE.

The visitors of ADSIC stand in the Book Fair were introduced to Abu Dhabi eGov portal by a dedicated work team and were informed on the sub-links which connect the navigators with local entities in Abu Dhabi.

In addition, the visitors were explained how to complete their transactions electronically and were guided to the easiest ways to access any piece of information in the portal.

Mr. Al Mansoori Said that Abu Dhabi e-Gov. portal is an electronic comprehensive guide to the services provided by the Abu Dhabi government entities and to the procedures followed to complete different kinds of transactions.

For the purpose of promoting the portal, ADSIC has set up many stands in the public places and malls in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain in order to circulate a brochure describing the characteristics and advantages of Abu Dhabi eGov portal and to familiarize different groups of users with the services they can obtain from the portal.

Those stands were massively frequented by the users who were delighted by the initiative of setting up a central portal for the government services which would spare the users the efforts of looking for the entity in charge of processing their transactions.

Mr. Al Mansoori added, "All the users have to do is just to enter the topic of the service they'd like to find, and then they can easily know all the documents required to finalize their transactions whether these are services related to personal IDs, passports and marital status; or services related to residency documents, land administration and housing, or finally services of motoring and travel in addition to other services.

Autor(en)/Author(s): Batoul Husseini

Quelle/Source: ArabianBusiness, 18.04.2007

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