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The Emirates Identity Authority's, EIDA, decision to cease accepting cash transactions and instead accept e-Dirham and credit cards at all its customer centres nationwide from 2nd July, 2017 is a welcome move that will make things much easier for customers, said The Gulf Today in an editorial on Saturday.

"The move will definitely support EIDA's pursuit of accuracy and efficiency levels in its operations. The diversification of channels of service is in the best interest of customers as they will get more convenient and flexible payment options.

"The Emirates ID Authority signed a document with the Ministry of Finance in January this year to accede to the 2nd generation of the e-Dirham. After signing the document, Saeed Abdulla Bin Mutlaq Al Ghafli, Director General of the Emirates ID Authority, had stated that the main goal of accession to the e-Dirham system was to facilitate fee payment as EIDA had received many suggestions in this regard via the contact channels made available for its customers. The accession is also aimed at simplifying service provision mechanisms and enabling service centre employees to focus on other points such as data accuracy and quality on one hand and the achievement of customer happiness and satisfaction on the other," the English language daily continued.

"Interestingly, the 2nd geneation of the e-Dirham system has the feature of integration into the international payment methods and networks through system platforms that can be flexibly integrated with e-Government service applications and can be developed in infinite shapes of payment applications. The system offers payment service for more than 5,000 governmental services in ministries, federal and local authorities, and private sector institutions via different channels.

"With the world going global, embracing the digital platforms is the best way forward. Organisations around the world have been showing interest in electronic payment mechanisms for the delivery of goods and services," the paper said.

"Through its innovative initiatives, EIDA is on track to obtain 7-star rating for its services and achieve the vision of the wise leadership and the governmental targets by transforming 80 percent of its services into electronic and smart services by 2018. The suspension of cash handling and switching to card payments will certainly help simplify the mechanisms of service delivery, as stated by Dr Saeed Abdulla Bin Mutlaq Al Ghafli. It is admirable that by adopting cutting edge technology, EIDA is playing a distinctive role in the sustainable development and economic growth of the country," concluded the Sharjah-based daily.


Quelle/Source: MENAFN, 01.07.2017

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