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Samstag, 21.07.2018
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850,000 passengers have passed through the 16 smart gates during the last 9 months

More than 850,000 passengers have passed through the 16 smart gates at Sharjah International Airport’s departure and arrival terminals in the last nine months with interactive features enabling travellers to clear passport control within 20 seconds, said Sharjah’s Department of eGovernment (DeG) on Sunday.

The new smart gates aim to cut the time required to complete passport control by more than 70 per cent compared to conventional methods.

“DeG is dedicated to supporting the digital shift by government institutions and public sector entities in Sharjah and to playing a major role in establishing a sophisticated digital infrastructure in the emirate,” added Shaikh Khalid Bin Ahmad Bin Sultan Al Qasimi, Director General of DeG, in a statement.

Staff of eGovernment department visited Sharjah International Airport where they registered their details with the facility’s smart gate system.

The visit came in line with the department’s commitment to supporting digital and electronic ventures that facilitate the ease of conducting procedures, which elevate the environment of Sharjah for its residents and visitors.

“DeG’s visit to Sharjah International Airport was conducted to highlight our important role in encouraging government and public sector bodies to adopt the latest technology which services the public in Sharjah with its most advanced and traveller-friendly airport accesses,” said Al Qasimi.

Sharjah International Airport’s electronic passport control system was introduced by Sharjah Airport Authority (SAA) to smooth travel experiences and upgrade its aviation infrastructure.

The DeG is the first government entity in Sharjah to register with the emirate’s smart gate system which has been designed to facilitate travel procedures and to ensure Sharjah’s digital progress in line with the directives of the Deputy Ruler of Sharjah.

The department is working to create a knowledge-based society through an excellence-driven government sector supported by innovative online and smart services.


Quelle/Source: Gulf News, 30.07.2017

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