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Smart Dubai is at the forefront of bringing digitisation

Dubai has taken the challenge to build a smart city head on and it is laying the foundation of happiness for future generations. This is evident from the projects and initiatives Smart Dubai is currently working on.

Speaking at the Gitex Technology Week on Monday, Dr Aisha bint Butti bin Bishr, director-general of Smart Dubai Office, said the government would go all out to ensure the happiness of residents.

"Our goal is to build a nation which values the happiness of its residents and will take every effort to offer the best, which involves a lot of hard work and technology playing a very crucial role," she said.

Smart Dubai is at the forefront of bringing digitisation and will create a technology hub which will boost the UAE's growth and development. The strategic objectives enabling the city's transformation in all sectors involve living, governance, environment, economy, mobility and people.

Dr Aisha said the government has mainly focused on a happiness meter, which is currently at 89 per cent, and has a target of 95 per cent by 2021. The app has registered 40 million votes with 87 entities from the UAE.

The DubaiNow app offers 61 smart services with 28 partners from the private sector. The other segments discussed were smart employee and GRP (Government Resource Planning).

"Dubai is the capital of blockchain. We have seen that some of the main technologies that will be deployed to build Dubai into a smart city are blockchain, AI Roadmap, Rashid and Dubai ID. Dubai aims to adopt the paperless strategy and targets to save between one million and six million documents at government entities," Dr Aisha said.

Necip Ozyucel, cloud+ enterprise business group lead, Microsoft, said the UAE is in the forefront of adopting the latest in technology and it is evident with top players present at the Gitex Technology Week.

"The technology adoption of blockchain, AI and IoT are contributing in a major way to evolve Dubai as a smart city. Prime sectors like retail and construction are already using AI-based solutions for demand forecasting in real time," he said.

Dubai is a data-driven nation and has currently identified 2,000 data sets, with Dubai Pulse proving to be the Dubai government's backbone. It is estimated that around $2.8 billion will be added to the Dubai economy every year from 2021 due to the impact from open and shared data.

Speaking on support to startups, Dr Aisha said Dubai is being transformed into an innovation test-bed for the world. Under the global blockchain challenge, 200-plus applications were received, with 17 teams being finalised and $45,000 awarded in prizes.

The Smart Dubai Accelerator has received 1,000 applications and $5 million investment has been procured from six partners. The Dubai Future Accelerator currently boasts of four completed cohorts, with 94 MoUs and participation of 120-plus startups.


Autor(en)/Author(s): Sandhya D'Mello

Quelle/Source: Khaleej Times, 15.10.2018

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