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Sonntag, 23.02.2020
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The Ministry of Health and Prevention (MoHAP) has launched round-the-clock interactive and smart online portal for the Visiting Consultants Programme through a seamless data exchange between different internal systems in full compliance with patient’s confidentiality and digital safety standards.

It is a user-friendly digital innovation platform which promotes the future of smart transformation.

Empowerment of MoHAP’s Digital Journey

His Excellency Dr. Mohamed Salim Al Olama, the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Health and Prevention, said that the smart portal of the visiting consultants program comes as part of the government movement toward government excellence system, as well as the smart government initiative to achieve the objectives of the UAE National Agenda.

Al Olama added that this new service is considered a source of MoHAP’s digital journey empowerment, where such an automation of processes helps in focusing on developing and adopting the ideal practices in terms of bringing the most skillful doctors around the world using smart tools and enabling all involved stakeholders experience a smooth journey.

He emphasized the keenness of the Visiting Consultants Office to develop their mechanism of selection as per the highest global standards, considering the academic and professional experience.

“This, in turn, will help achieve excellence and high quality services to all MoHAP’s hospitals through the continuing medical education for doctors and supporting technical staff, with a view to enhancing the performance of the national medical competencies and providing the best global expertise in various medical specialties & sub-specialties for citizens and residents alike,” said Al Olama.

Safe, Flexible and Low-Cost Digital Environment

Dr. Sultan Ahmed Sharif, Director of the MoHAP’s Visiting Consultants Office, explained that a joint workgroup has worked, during the last nine months, on establishing the smart portal of Visiting Consultants Office.

“The aim was to create an online platform/portal where all involved stakeholders can save time while achieving a better quality of service in compliance with full organizational requirements,” Dr. Sharif added.

Questionnaires on Patient Satisfaction

Dr. Sharif clarified that the new portal provides fundamental benefits for all stakeholders which gives the user more efficient experience, In addition to that it facilitates the process of requesting a visiting consultant. The new service ensures applications follow-up along with safe and secure archive, in addition to allowing smooth experience while surveying patients, visiting consultants, and MOHAP hospitals.

The Platform Mechanism

Mrs. Mubaraka Ibrahim, director of Information Technology department, had declared that this system had been developed using the latest technologies in line with the e-government standards, and integrating UAE Government gateway “SmartPass”, In order to maintain a unified single account for all government services for each user from within or outside UAE.

The VCO portal along with the operational plan was developed by the Ministry of health and prevention Information Technology technical team, where they trained all MOHAP Hospitals on using the platform, and shared the integration updates with all other involved stakeholders to minimize transition challenges that may arise and provide everyone with the best experience while utilizing the new platform.

This new business transformation initiative will soon enable visiting consultants’ program be more dynamic, precise, and agile.


Autor(en)/Author(s): Osama Al–Ansari and Heba El Shahed

Quelle/Source: ZAWYA, 14.04.2019

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