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TRA Conducts a Training on the Latest Developments in mGovernment Enablers 2019

The Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) has conducted today a training program on the latest and most important developments and trends in the mGovernment enablers of 2019, in coordination with the Prime Minister’s Office, and with the presence of more than 280 persons representing all local and federal government entities, in Al Habtoor City – Dubai.

The program reviewed the most important results of the indices of the mGovernment enablers for the 2018 strategic cycle, as well as the best practices in the federal entities in level of public awareness about electronic/ mobile services, government websites’ quality index, and electronic/mobile service quality index.

On the program importance, H.E. Hamad Obaid Al Mansoori, TRA Director General said: “This program is in line with the directives of our wise leadership to work as one national team to achieve the UAE Vision 2021 and the objectives of the National Agenda to achieve the first position in the Online Service Indicator (OSI). Today, we work as a team at the level of all government entities to reach leading global positions in smart services, for the purpose of achieving the vision of our wise leadership to reach leadership and customer happiness."

Al Mansoori indicated that the program brings together the pioneers of smart transformation and representatives of service departments, strategic planners and corporate excellence, and e-participation ambassadors to share ideas and reach solutions and suggestions that accelerate the development of smart services. He said: “We meet as Emirati cadres with the aim of sharing ideas and views to reach a road map that will ensure moving forward in achieving the goals and visions of our country. We are proud of what we have achieved so far, and we will be even more proud when we meet in 2021 knowing that we had reached the first rank in Online Services Index. "

H.E. Salem Al Housani, Acting Deputy Director General for Information and e-Government Sector, presented the results of the mGovernment Enablers for 2018. The evaluation included 39 federal entities, 39 websites of these entities, and 263 services provided to individuals and businesses. The evaluation showed that 25 entities have achieved their OSI target, and 25 entities have achieved their target in mobile services integration index.

H.E. Al Housani highlighted the most important challenges facing mGovernment enablers 2018 evaluation, in addition to the latest updates on mGovernment enablers 2019, which adopt global trends in online services such as the use of trending technologies in service development, implementing UAE Pass and Digital Signature, and encouraging individuals to use Government data to come up with innovative solutions, documenting and promoting the entity’s best practices globally, and effectively promoting the digital transformation nationally and internationally.

The training program reviewed the best practices in the federal entities, where theEmirates Authority for Standardization and Metrology (ESMA) presented its experience in public awareness about electronic/mobile services. The Federal Electricity and Water Authority presented its distinguished experience in government websites’ quality index. The General Authority for Pensions and Insurance presented its experience in electronic/mobile service quality index.

Furthermore, TRA presented the targets of 2019, including the achievement of 100 per cent in smart transformation, 80 per cent in level of usage of electronic/mobile services, and 93 per cent in government websites’ quality index.

The program included two sub-workshops, the first one focused on gamification to build and strengthen technical capabilities in government entities, in order to raise the percentage of use and awareness of users of the importance of using smart services offered by the federal and local government entities.

The second workshop focused on e-participation and was presented by an international expert in this field. The workshop addressed the importance of activating e- participation between government entities, and between government entities and the public, to know the views of customers about the provided services, and to receive and answer their suggestions and inquiries.

The UAE has made significant progress in the global e-participation index, according to the e-Government Development Survey, issued in 2018 by the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs, where the UAE ranked 17th after being ranked 32nd in 2016. The OSI survey is based on a set of questions focusing on global trends in government. The survey was expanded to include the main principles of sustainable development goals (SDGs), “leaving no one behind”, with particular emphasis on concepts of the goal 16, ie, accountability, efficiency, inclusiveness, openness and trust.

About The Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA)

TRA was established in the UAE according to the Federal Law by Decree No. 3 of 2003. The role of TRA focuses on two fields: regulating the telecommunications sector, and enabling government entities in the field of smart transformation, as well as promoting cyber security in order to preserve the society’s safety and enhance its happiness and wellbeing.

In regulation, TRA role focuses on ensuring excellent telecom services, developing the ICT sector, protecting the stakeholders’ interests, implementing relevant policy and regulatory frameworks, developing human resources and promoting research and development, in order to ensure that the UAE has a leading regional and global position in the ICT sector.

In enablement, TRA is responsible for the mGovernment according to the Law No. 3 of 2011. Since then, TRA has been responsible for digital transformation in the Federal Government through two strategic goals: enhancing smart lifestyle and leadership in smart technological infrastructure in the UAE.

For more information, visit: www.tra.gov.ae


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