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eGovernment Forschung seit 2001 | eGovernment Research since 2001

In a bid to have an effective e-government implementations, the e-Government Agency (eGA) has developed an enterprise resource management suite (ERMS) that consolidates and streamlines various business functions, it has been learnt.

The agency's Chief Executive Officer, Dr Jabiri Bakari said that the shared business management system integrates and manages end to end institutional business processes and functions seamlessly.

"The intention to develop ERMS was to bring the depth of our digital expertise into this engagement so as to deliver a system that is capable of managing various business activities of a typical public institution in a single window" he said.

He added that the focus was a system that could connect and integrate various functions of an organisation business processes in order to improve operational efficiency and effectiveness, cutting operational costs along with rendering of quality public service in real time manner.

He added that the system developed comprises 18 applications that integrate multiple interdependent business functions to facilitate data sharing across the departments and sections of an institution.

Others are day to day management of institutional resources including human, finances and facilities, transactions handling among business unit such as billing for products and services, accounting expenditure and revenue generation.

Furthermore, he said, the new developed system provides a customizable dashboard that accounting officers and other users of the system can access and generate various reports in accordance with their requirements.

The systems are ranging from periodic financial statements, itemized budget and fund balances, statuses of resources usage, providing inputs for appraisal of employees' performances, all of which facilitate operational and management decisions, he noted.

According to the CEO, the new system is designed to integrate and share data with any other government information systems such as Central Accounting System, Human Capital Management Information System, Government e-Payment Gateway, Government Mailing System among others.

He commended public institutions that have ambarace4d the use of home grown ICT solutions that address the institutional requirements , which have less development cost and time, easy adaptable to technological changes with low cost of ownership.

He was quick to alert that they should be guided by the standards and guidelines issued by eGA when implementing the ICT solutions.

"All we need is relevant skills, confidence and focus on quality results for national development, eGA will continue to provide e-government advisory and technical support to public institutions," he pledged.


Quelle/Source: IPPmedia, 02.05.2019

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