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Parkron targets events & property managers to boost parking options in UAE

Parkron, the UAE’s first smart parking app, was launched in 2020 to both help drivers in Dubai find quick and safe parking that is affordable and to help people generate revenue out of their unused parking spots. Pursuing the goal of streamlining the parking experience for both, parking owners and drivers, Parkron unveiled an innovative platform leveraging the capabilities of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to enhance parking space optimization and elevate convenience for all involved parties.

The company is the first in the region to offer corporate parking spaces, supplied by partners across the country such as event managers, hotels and more, as well as individual parking spaces added to the platform by regular people across the country.

The company is proud to have over 1000 unique parking spaces listed in Dubai, and counting! Parkron recognizes the bigger concerns linked with urbanization and the exponential increase in vehicle numbers. The app attempts to address these issues by delivering a long-term solution that not only helps individuals but also improves the general efficiency of urban transportation.

In the UAE, studies show that around 50 per cent of the parking spaces are unused, there are only demands in certain areas of every city. Finding a parking spot in congested cities is becoming increasingly difficult as urbanization progresses.

Recognizing this, Parkron has created a comprehensive system that connects parking owners and drivers effortlessly, resulting in a win-win situation for both sides. "The Parkron App offers a revolutionary approach to smart parking. We understand that many parking spaces go underutilized, and we aim to transform them into valuable assets for owners," said Mercedes Cebrian, CEO of Parkron. "Our platform not only addresses the revenue potential for parking spaces but also contributes to the optimization of urban parking infrastructure."

According to Parkron’s research, homeowners in Dubai leave about 50 thousand dirhams unearned annually by not renting out their parking spots. Parkron gives parking owners the ability to monetise their empty parking spaces by providing a powerful platform. Owners can easily post their available parking spots on this smart parking app, indicating hours of non-utilization and utilization. This enables the efficient monetization of unused parking spots , providing property owners with an extra source of income.

Parkron provides an effortless solution to the persistent problem of finding parking in congested urban locations for cars. Parkron minimizes stress and time wasted in the search for a suitable parking space by allowing users to book parking spots beforehand and facilitating online payments. For drivers, Parkron introduces an enhanced booking experience that simplifies the process of securing a parking spot. The user-friendly app allows drivers to book parking spaces in advance, providing a stress-free solution to the existing challenge of finding parking in crowded urban areas. As Parkron, we understand the frustration of circling blocks to find parking, and the app is here to make that a thing of the past. With just a few clicks, users can secure a parking spot, pay online, and arrive at their destination with ease. Parkron Founder and CEO, Mercedes Cebrian had this to say about the app’s future, “As a UAE resident for nearly a decade I have seen the parking problem get worse and worse, and it’s created traffic jams that make it unbearable to drive in this incredible country. I wanted to change that, and I wanted to be a part of the incredible Smart City innovations we are leading in the world, that’s why I created Parkron, the first Smart City parking app that leverages AI, and other unique technologies to help people find quick, affordable and premium parking. We are already helping thousands of people, but the future is integrating into Smart Cities fully so the Parkron experience can make it to the next level”.

Another unique Parkron feature is the parking reservations. If users are worried about not getting a particular spot in a busy area due to them being in high demand, they can reserve a spot beforehand for the time duration convenient to them. You can add as many vehicles as you like under your account and manage your entire household parking needs in just one click by booking in advance as you need them.

The app has a “Parkron wallet” which keeps a track of users total earnings (if you have rented your parking spot) and total balance available to pay for parking spots around the UAE. The wallet adjusts to the users requirements by allowing them to add/withdraw money and also change the mode of payment as per their need.

Parkron understands the wide range of applications of its platform beyond individual users, including hospitality, business centers, and real estate. The software aims to transform into a strategic tool for these industries, increasing client retention by delivering a highly desired amenity—accessible and convenient parking. What sets Parkron apart from its competitors is the flexibility it provides for owners to dynamically adjust pricing based on demand and specific time slots, ensuring an optimal revenue stream from unused parking. This flexibility ensures that Parkron is not only a universal parking solution but also a versatile tool for improving client experiences in a variety of industries.

Parkron is dedicated to helping the environment by lowering the carbon footprint associated with wasteful parking practices. The app's features, such as AI-driven optimization and advanced booking choices, seek to reduce the amount of time and fuel spent looking for parking. Parkron connects with broader sustainability goals for urban mobility by encouraging more effective use of existing parking facilities.

Parkron founder and CEO, Mercedes Cebrian believes “We are extremely excited to partner with venues, events, hotels and managers to help them generate more revenue, but even more powerful is the ability for Parkron to save regular UAE residents like myself thousands of dirhams per year, whilst helping them pay their rent, and earn extra money just by renting out their parking spot. The future is very bright” ”.

About Parkron:

Parkron is the UAE’s first smart parking app that provides premium parking for busy people. Enjoy a user-friendly application that eliminates parking stress. You can book a parking spot through Parkron or rent your own parking spot out on Parkron and make some extra cash! We take care of your exact location so you never have to worry about finding a parking spot in your radius.Save your time by booking your parking spot in advance; parking your car has never felt better! Create a positive impact- the less time spent driving around and looking for a parking spot, the less time spent exerting carbon emissions that negatively impact our environment!

Learn more by downloading the Parkron App in your favorite app store.


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