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Education chiefs are developing a system for parents needing to put their children back in school once the Covid-19 alert level drops to 3.

The Ministry of Education today released more information on what a potential drop from alert level 4 to level 3 means for school children, who have been learning from home since the country went into lockdown last month.

The move is aimed at clearing up confusion over whether a return to school or early childhood centres is a choice for parents.

Secretary for Education Iona Holsted said that at level 3 parents and caregivers should, where they can, keep their children at home.

"Schools and early learning services will be physically open for those who need them," Holsted said.

"Parents who can keep children at home should keep them at home. Parents who need to send them to school can do so."

"We will develop systems so that parents can advise if their children need to return to school or early learning so their health and wellbeing and that of school staff can be managed in accordance with public health principles. We are working through this with the education sector to find workable solutions."

A level 3 alert means some aspects of ordinary life can resume including, under certain controls, the reopening of early childhood services and schools.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern will announce on Monday if New Zealand will move into level 3 from next Thursday and, if so, schools are likely to reopen on April 29.

Holsted said parents and caregivers best understood their own situations and know that "we are in extraordinary times."


Autor(en)/Author(s): Cherie Howie

Quelle/Source: NZ Herald, 18.04.2020

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