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The Chinese government released its first open platform 爱城市 (which literally means ‘Love City’) in Qingdao - a major city in Eastern China with a population of 8.7 million - bringing the city a step closer towards its goal of becoming a Smart City.

In line with the country’s aim to open up more government data, this citizen-centric service portal will provide more convenient government services, information to improve city life, an app store for city services, and relevant news to keep residents updated.

Qingdao believes that governance and modernisation are critical aspects of building a Smart City. Similarly, the city government should accelerate innovation and push for high efficiency.

Residents can then truly experience the benefits of convenience, enhanced public services, and improved quality of life that Smart City promises.

The one-stop portal features five key sections, namely ‘Government Services’, ‘Living Services’, ‘City Sound’, ‘Application Centre’ and ‘City E-Services’.

Under ‘Living Services’ and the ‘Application Centre’, users can access online services and obtain information on health, education, traffic, social, security, utilities, tourism and more. For example, residents can download apps to track air quality, make appointments at hospitals, or make personal tax enquiries.

The government has huge data resources in areas such as finance, agriculture, health, education, transport, geography and population. Through this portal, it aims to make as much of these data open to the public as possible.

By opening up government data, the city also hopes to encourage innovation in the private sector by leveraging the published data to develop new services.

Looking ahead, the chinese government plans to expand this open portal to over 30 provincial and sub-provincial cities in the country.


Autor(en)/Author(s): Kelly Ng

Quelle/Source: futureGov, 25.11.2013

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