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Donnerstag, 18.07.2019
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Shanghai Data Exchange Corp, the powerhouse of Shanghai's "smart city" ambitions, has entered the world stage by forming strategic cooperation with Indonesia's tourism authority.

As China's leading big data center, it can handle an average 30 million pieces of data every day. By studying the data, Shanghai-based Zamplus Technology Inc, technology supporter of the center, helps Ministry of Tourism of Indonesia to find potential tourists in China and send tourism information to them through Internet as to attract them to travel to Indonesia.

In an earlier Xinhua Agency report, the ministry said 75 percent of tourists in China are searching for destinations, booking hotels and making payment through the Internet. The tourism has embraced the digital trend and it is where Indonesia is working on.

According to the center, the cooperation means that the center has officially expanded its business overseas. It plans to be an international data hub, offering services to the world.


Autor(en)/Author(s): Li Qian

Quelle/Source: Shine News , 11.11.2018

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