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Freitag, 14.08.2020
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China's economic planners have made the decision to tailor Hainan, a province in the South China Sea, into a Free Trade Port (FTP). In Hainan, the smart city is welcoming many high-tech industries but could also be a game-changer for the global entertainment industry.

The smart city has been built on the basis of the Hainan Resort Software Community (RSC), one of the largest technological parks in the world, which is a strategic joint project between the Hainan Provincial Government and China Electronic Corporation, a Global Top 500 company.

This ecosystem has attracted more than 6,000 enterprises which include internet giants Tencent, Baidu, XiaoMi, Huawei, Huobi and multi-billion projects such as the Tencent eco-village, the China Game Cyber Port and the BlockChain Research Institute of Oxford University.

Key quote

I spoke with William Suen, the Vice President for International Business Director in the Hainan Resort Software Community Group, Hainan FTP Blockchain Pilot Zone. He stated the following: “The Hainan FTP Smart City has always been an aspirational project. Besides all the tech, service trade and advanced manufacturing, we are also keen to welcome the entertainment industry as this is an ideal location for studios to thrive.

“The smart city will house film and television productions, post-production studios, animated TV,broadcasting, advertising, as well as sports entertainment and design, it can all be established in Hainan.”

Hainan’s Smart City has also been announced as a pilot zone and a sandbox for blockchain technologies. The Blockchain Trial Zone was launched in October 2018 by the RSC to develop the digital industry in the area. Through its collaboration with Oxford University, the officials aim to gather global talent in the blockchain technology industry.

Suen has been involved in the project since 2015, but the cooperative project between the Hainan Provincial Government and the China Electronic Corporation, was officially set up in in 2007 with an authorized capital of 1.6b RMB ($230m) RSC has since become a leading high-tech industry park under the principle of a market-based operation with governmental support. Developing the high-tech park into a mini-city which strives to nurture business, innovation, health, education and social communication.

“The RSC receives more than 200 groups of visiting delegations every day, from many enterprises from all over the world.” Suen added.

“Already K&G, an enterprise from ASEAN, has set up its global operation centre in Hainan RSC, a British Esports and AR/VR firm are ready to set up its Asia-Pacific headquarters in Hainan RSC and an Italian game company decided to relocate its team from other parts of Asia to RSC.

“The RSC has more partners from nations such as Israel, USA, Canada, Russia, India, Australia, France, Russia and Switzerland and we have launched an Innovation Fund of 10b RMB ($1.4b) to invest worldwide in innovative projects.”

Aiming to highlight change

Hainan’s FTP is determined to highlight China's reform and opening up to globalisation.

Currently, Hainan has more than 100 international airlines in operation and is set to add more, with recent news that China Eastern is set to launch a new Hainan based airline with Juneyao.

The lifestyle opportunities may encourage many western studios to consider Hainan as a new base with its ecological zone, where residents can enjoy the beauty of nature within green zones of Hainan Island. Coupled with an international infrastructure featuring kindergarten to high school education and international network access, it is striving to make its mark on the world stage.

“This lifestyle alongside the development of high technologies, creativity and invention makes it one of the most exciting projects in the world today and an area which is the most open in the entire country.”

“Compared with China's other 18 free trade zones and the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, Hainan's main advantage is institutional innovation.

“Through institutional innovation to unleash the potential of industries such as gaming, tech and entertainment, Hainan will act as China's regulatory sandbox, implementing new access and regulatory policies for all fields and industries. This will help existing industries take full advantage of Hainan's free trade port policies to unlock their business potential and achieve new growth.

‘‘As a pilot zone of [the] Hainan Free Trade Port, Hainan RSC has taken the lead in exploring institutional innovation.”


Autor(en)/Author(s): Josh Wilson

Quelle/Source: Forbes, 08.07.2020

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