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Samstag, 22.01.2022
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CITIC Telecom CPC’s Solutions Day has always been a red letter day in the technology calendar, bringing together ecosystem partners, including Check Point, Fortinet, Green Radar, Kingdee, Splunk, VMware and Veeam, and participants across the ICT industries to discuss key global issues while contributing thoughts and ideas in areas where they all share a common interest.

This year’s theme, “Looking beyond the possibilities’’, puts digital transformation under the spotlight which undoubtedly brings an accelerated paradigm shift in businesses under the new normal. Esmond Li, CEO, CITIC Telecom CPC kick-started the Solutions Day by proudly showcasing their new strategy that fuses Innovation and Intelligence with the latest technologies; the ICT-MiiND strategy.

Unlock an Innovative Future with New Technologies

Dr. Denis Yip, CEO at Hong Kong Applied Science and Technology Research Institute (ASTRI), shared how the institute empowered different industries, including manufacturing, banking & finance, and healthcare, to transform their businesses and prepare for the coming of the metaverse through advancing various technologies.

Then, Daniel Kwong, Chief Information & Innovation Officer, CITIC Telecom CPC, shed light on how their latest intelligence-driven ICT-MiiND strategy supported the top strategic technology trends for 2022. “We have partnered with ASTRI since 2019 for focusing on creating unprecedented values for businesses. Last year, we successfully launched our DataHOUSE™ AR Remote Hand service to optimize on-site field services during the pandemic,” said Kwong. He continued that more services will be created based on this intelligence-driven strategy in the near future, to help enterprises across industries to reap the benefits of digital transformation.

Joining this year’s long-awaited discussions on the MiiND of creating an intelligent business ecosystem is a distinguished panel of speakers who shared their expertise and experience from various angles.

Embarking on an e-commerce Journey - Peter Kwan

Peter Kwan, Regional CTO, Asia Pacific, LVMH Perfumes & Cosmetics, remarked that for the past two years his large consumer luxury business was faced with a deafening silence in the retail market. While optimizing and stabilizing their systems in the whole of Asia, they were also seeking a strategic partner to fine-tune their infrastructure to prepare themselves for the rebound. The rebound created their opportunity to catch up from the rest of the market.

Kwan said his company’s implementation of e-commerce platforms in some Asian markets were previously unaggressive.With majority of e-commerce traffic was diverted to Tmall in China during the pandemic, the company committed to integrating and optimizing the IT infrastructure to ensure the consistency of their brand image across different regions and e-commerce platforms. They were also proactive in integrating the backend service platforms, including logistics, customer services, membership, etc., for offering the best user experience.

A Service Provider’s Swift and Professional Support - Taylor Lam

The backend of the story was shared by Taylor Lam, Chief Strategy Officer, CITIC Telecom CPC. The service provider went on to explain how they were able to support LVMH’s new initiative especially when working in a continuously changing environment. “As many of our customers are looking to quickly shift and transform their business, all these require a robust but flexible and secure infrastructure to protect and enable these multichannel shifts,” Lam said.

He outlined the difficulties his team came across when creating the platform at the beginning of 2020. Fortunately, their years of business knowhow and industry knowledge enabled them to set up LVMH’s computing platform in China quickly with an agile cloud infrastructure. They managed to complete the digital transformation project in April, just when China was about to open up, and all platforms were ready to market. “We’re very proud to say our clients’ businesses grow alongside ours.”

A Total Email Security Solution - Kenneth Ma

Digital transformations of businesses drive greater amounts of e-communication and a surge of data transmissions over networks; this leaves customer information much more exposed to hacking. Email hacks are widely known to be one of the greatest security threats facing organizations globally.

Kenneth Ma, Green Radar’s Senior Vice President, indicated that millions of emails that go into their SOCs, out of those emails with a URL link, more than 50% are confirmed to be phishing. Ma proclaimed that the best practice of a total email security solution is to have a very robust or scalable solution, for example, using a subscription model.

He also pointed out that it would be ideal if local solution providers can have their teams develop localized features which could be perfectly integrated into the local market, such as in Hong Kong, there are a lot of email complications in Chinese, they must include some local threat intelligence in the solution. Having a local support team would solve problems more effectively. That’s why Green Radar chose to partner with CITIC Telecom CPC for their global coverage with local support services.

Ma was adamant regarding combining email security gateway with a phishing assessment campaign to raise employees’ awareness. “It’s not an option, it’s a must”.

Prominence of Artificial Intelligence

All three guest speakers concurred that artificial intelligence and machine learning have the best potential of the new technologies, and were the most impactful for their business and businesses at large. Lam hinted at a recent CITIC Telecom CPC application development integrating artificial intelligence with network management. AI will be used to automatically distinguish traffic, track the traffic correlations among different sites, to filter out the real alarms so enterprises can be alerted at the earliest opportunities of potential threats or performance issues.

Kwan reiterated that there is no longer a closed infrastructure anymore; now it is all interaction based with third party platforms involved. This explains why intelligent AI systems are needed to monitor the traffic between these platforms to detect and respond automatically.

Ma concluded the riveting panel discussion by saying he looks forward to having AI drive a lot of applications and enhancing efficiency and productivity. However, every one of us should be aware of security and privacy issues. The new strategy can be applied to businesses of all sizes and varies across so many industries.


Quelle/Source: The Standard, 08.12.2021

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