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Traffic systems, waste and water management, and other critical areas have fully been integrated with smart technological solutions in a region in Asia.

Hong Kong, a special administrative city-state of China, showcased these advancements at its inaugural trade show called the InnoEx 2023 at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center (HKCEC) on April 12.

InnoEx is touted as the most anticipated information and technology (IT) fair in Asia.

Under the theme “Connecting the World with Innovations for Better Living“, it opened with around 400 exhibitors showcasing their smart solutions to potential buyers, investors and entrepreneurs for this massive cross-border collaboration under one roof.

Smart Hong Kong Pavilion

The Hong Kong Government also mounted its own exhibit under the Office of the Government Chief Information Officer (OGCIO) to promote the application of IT solutions to address the public’s needs called the Smart Hong Kong Pavilion.

Through the theme “Smarter Hong Kong,” the exhibit focuses on the following six areas:

  • Smart Living
  • Smart Environment
  • Smart People
  • Smart Government
  • Smart Economy
  • Smart Mobility

More than a hundred innovative solutions were displayed at the interactive pavilion. These include more than 50 smart city technology solutions from Hong Kong’s government departments.

Here are some of the technologies integrated into several sectors of the region:

Traffic system with mobile apps for residents

The Traffic Data Analytics System (TDAS) is a platform that uses artificial intelligence (AI) and machine-learning technology to produce a more accurate assessment of real-life traffic conditions in Hong Kong.

The equipment sourced its information from open data of authorized traffic operators.

Hong Kong residents can also access this information through two apps—the HKeMobility app and the MyObservatory app.

The former provides real-time traffic information and predictions of the traffic conditions based on TDAS’s database.

The latter, meanwhile, focuses more on providing and predicting weather that affects the daily transport activities of the public.

These technologies were launched and operated by OGCIO, the region’s transport department and observatory.

Water sampling

Some locations are inaccessible and unsafe for environmental authorities to get water samples from and ensure a safe environment for the public.

Hong Kong’s Environment Protection Department (EPD) uses unmanned drone aircraft with 3D water sampling equipment to collect water from these areas.

Kiosks in Hong Kong’s prisons

Hong Kong employees and guests at the Hong Kong Correctional Services Department avail their food, beverages, and other needs through an intelligent self-service kiosk.

This kiosk was established to improve the efficiency of the department’s operations.

An integrated intelligent communication system, meanwhile, makes it possible for them to use landlines, voice recognition technology, display monitors and keyword-spotting functions.

Search and rescue operations

To improve the emergency response of Hong Kong’s fire department, fire personnel proposed to use new surveying drones to conduct their search and rescue operations.

Each drone is equipped with relevant accessories and back-end image processing hardware and software that can greatly improve their services.

The robot dog

The robot dog might look scary but it has an important role in Hong Kong’s EPD—to scan and map the areas underground for possible wastewater sources, drain glitches, and other similar concerns.

Touted as the world’s most advanced subsurface mapping system, it is equipped with an antenna system and optimized electronics that deliver a clear 3D image of what lies beneath the surface.

Opening opportunities

Sophia Chong, the acting executive director of the Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC), said that InnoEx opened up a lot of opportunities for businesses in the region and in other participant countries.

“InnoEX serves as a premier business platform showcasing next-generation smart solutions, and cutting-edge technologies, bringing together influential tech experts, enterprises, thought leaders and investors from the region and beyond to discuss cross-region and cross-sector collaboration and explore business opportunities on all fronts,” Chong said in her opening speech.

InnoEx ran alongside two other annual fairs—the Hong Kong Electronics Fair and the International Lighting Fair (Spring Edition).

All three physical events attracted over 3,000 exhibitors from the region, mainland China, and other countries in Asia, the United States and in Europe.


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Quelle/Source: Inter Aksyon, 20.04.2023

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