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A new digital system will allow users to track the transportation of cash in Oman in real time.

Introduced by local security provider Security and Safety Services, the Information Technology system allows users to track vehicles transporting cash, their speed, or if there is a breakdown, among offering other financial, human resource, and project management benefits.

Brigadier Rashid bin Saeed Al Sudairi, Chief Executive Officer of Security and Safety Services, said it was in line with the Sultanate’s approach of moving towards e-government services, as the company moves from providing traditional security services to integrated digital security solutions.

The system was inaugurated under the patronage of Sheikh Khalid Bin Hilal Al Ma’awali, Chairman of the Shura Council, during a ceremony attended by a number of dignitaries and guests.

Speaking on the occasion, Haitham Al Ismaili, Director of Information Technology at the company, said, “The organisation has tried to make a difference in providing services to customers in terms of quality, efficiency and speed to keep pace with its vision and strategy and also activate communication and motivate service employees in the best way.”

Al Ismaili added that the future of the company lay in greater digitilisation, from a paper-based environment to an electrical one. Enhancing digital infrastructure in the future, he declared, would require effort from all sides.

Through an innovative app connected to the system, users can also follow up on worker-related issues, salary allocations, and other employee-related data through a specialised mobile application.

The company, alongside its digital transformation, was also focusing on developing the skills of staff in the information technology.

The system is the latest development to fall in line with the objectives of the Sultanate’s Digital Oman Strategy. The strategy aims to build a strong and sustainable knowledge-based society through IT empowerment, national infrastructure and ICT Industry development. The strategy’s fundamentals include digital community development, smart government, e-services, and development of the ICT industry, cyber-security, as well as awareness.

Oman has earned a reputation as one of the world’s most efficient e-government providers and for cyber security preparedness.

Oman was named among the top three e-government providers by the Japanese Waseda University’s e-government institute in 2017, as well as third in the Arab World by the Estonia-based e-Governance Academy’s 2018 National Cyber Security Index NCSI.


Quelle/Source: Times of Oman, 12.12.2018

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