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Donnerstag, 28.05.2020
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Agreement signed to develop platform that will provide more than 60 e-services related to planning, surveying

Oman’s Minister of Housing Sheikh Saif bin Mohammed al-Shabibi signed an agreement with analytics platform Bahwan Cyber Tech to develop e-services for the sultanate’s Housing Ministry within its digital and e-government initiatives programme.

The agreement was signed in coordination with the Information Technology Authority (ITA) and in the presence of its chief executive officer, Dr Salim bin Sultan al-Ruzaiqi, as well as Undersecretary to the Ministry of Housing, Saif bin A’mer al-Shaqsi.

As part of the agreement, a platform will be established to provide more than 60 e-services covering most of the ministry’s services related to planning, surveying, real estate registration and development, social housing, and miscellaneous customer services.

According to state-held Oman News Agency, the agreement’s objective is to activate e-services at the ministry by the end of 2020 through various electronic and smart channels, including its website and smartphone apps, helping it speed up the access and approval of drawings “quickly and directly” without the need to visit the ministry, and in coordination with the rules of geographic data systems associated with other government institutions in the sultanate.

The platform will also reportedly allow visitors to directly access their properties.


Autor(en)/Author(s): Ankit Ojha

Quelle/Source: Construction Week Online, 24.06.2019

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