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Mittwoch, 15.07.2020
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The Smart Cities Platform is organising a symposium called the Smart Cities Without Borders on June 10-11 which is part of a virtual event entitled “Challenges and Opportunities during the COVID-19 Pandemic”.

The Omani Smart City Platform is a digital platform for knowledge exchange and to drive smart city initiatives in Oman.

The aim of the platform is to provide an environment for the exchange of information, cooperation and communication between stakeholders in smart cities.

The platform works as an enabler and facilitator for smart city innovations by funding research and by organizing many hackathons and competitions that encourage innovation in relation to smart cities.

This symposium came from the premise that establishing the concept of smart cities globally is an urgent requirement in the past few years among some countries around the world, and how the COVID-19 pandemic has changed the equation in many countries towards the use of modern technologies.

Even those countries that preceded the adoption of smart city projects raised the level of requirements and needs due to the existence of unexpected new challenges that need to be included in their plans on how to organize and implement the guidelines and frameworks of smart cities.


Quelle/Source: Times of Oman, 31.05.2020

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