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Deputy president Cyril Ramaphosa has unveiled a broadband infrastructure project to promote Internet access and facilitate delivery of government services digitally to residents in the Eastern Cape.

The OR Tambo broadband project was launched in the Eastern Cape's Mhlontlo and King Sabata Dalindyebo municipalities on Friday.

According to the deputy president, the rollout of the infrastructure project is the beginning of a nationwide programme that can potentially improve the quality of service delivery and rejuvenate rural economies.

Broadband has the potential to transform rural economies to overcome many of the challenges of distance and isolation, said Ramaphosa. "Broadband provides information, access and choice. More than that, broadband creates the potential for the emergence of new industries in rural areas."

He added: "In many of the sectors of the economy that are undergoing rapid change as a result of the fourth industrial revolution, it is possible to provide services to global clients from almost anywhere ? be it Mumbai, Mombasa, Munich or Mhlontlo. Broadband provides opportunities to improve the provision of services to communities.

"Universal access to broadband is critical to inclusive economic growth."

In recent months, South African government officials have declared commitment to empower youth and communities through technology and connectivity.

In May, telecoms and postal services minister Siyabonga Cwele announced the launch of the Internet for All programme at the World Economic Forum on Africa.

The initiative is part of government's ambitious plans to connect more than 22 million citizens to the Internet over the next two years, especially those living in rural areas.

With the rollout of broadband in the Eastern Cape municipalities, government is also looking to deliver its services digitally and facilitate the expansion of e-government, noted Ramaphosa.

He said broadband will be rolled out first in schools and clinics, and e-health solutions will be available at all the clinics. "We are only beginning to appreciate the massive potential of technology in improving the quality, affordability and outcomes of education."

Ramaphosa also believes with effective application and commitment to learning and teaching, information technology could trigger SA's skills revolution.


Quelle/Source: ITWeb, 10.07.2017

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