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eGovernment Forschung seit 2001 | eGovernment Research since 2001

Therefore, it seeks to promote the development of information and communication technology infrastructure and improve digital services in government agencies to improve the performance of ministries and other government agencies and to enhance the quality and efficiency of services by improving the working environment. To provide support to the decision-making process and to find solutions to issues of concern to the society.

  • Strategic Direction of Digital Transformation in the Kingdom of Egypt:

    To improve and improve the quality of life of citizens through all digital and non-digital outlets and to provide many electronic services.

    Transforming the government into a digitally interconnected government by linking the government digital system and improving work within the administrative machinery of the state to operate efficiently and effectively.

    Empowering the state with e-government and promoting the values of transparency, accountability and control of all business through dialogue and partnership between various elements of society including universities, private sector, civil society and others.

  • Egypt Digital Platform Services:

    Digital Egypt Platform provides 93 government services on the Digital Egypt platform, and new services will soon be launched on the platform, notably agriculture and housing services.

    The number of citizens registering their data on the Digital Egypt platform reached about 3.3 million citizens at the end of last September, and around 8.3 million applications were submitted.

  • Egypt Digital Platform Fund:

    The Cabinet approved a draft law establishing the “Digital Egypt” fund, which stipulates that “a fund called “Digital Egypt” shall be established, which will have a public legal personality. To activate and promote the services of the digital community, support, develop and develop the system’s mechanisms and ensure its sustainability, as well as support the various sectors of the state to implement relevant plans and initiatives and spread awareness of digital services.


Autor(en)/Author(s): Seth Grace

Quelle/Source: Sprout Wired, 07.11.2021

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